Babyanne’s Mansion: A home for children

The need for your support grows every day.

Babyanne’s Mansion is a 24 hour Residential Care Facility that provides social work, medical, nutritional, home life, educational, recreational, adoption counseling and Christian living programs to orphaned, neglected and abandoned children in the Philippines.

Your charitable help will allow Babyanne’s Mansion to continue to provide a safe, happy and healthy Christ-centered home for babies and children in the Philippines who might be otherwise left on the street hungry and alone without a supportive and guiding hand.

Your tax-deductible monthly sponsorship of a child or single donation keeps Babyanne’s Mansion open to the desperate needs of these babies and children.

We have a mission and a vision

Our mission is to impact the nations by faithfully sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.

Our vision is to provide a place where individuals can deepen their relationship with Jesus through Bible study, prayer, and fellowship.

To build a ministry in the Philippines by providing a loving home for neglected, abandoned, and orphaned babies where their specific needs are met in a Christ-centered environment.


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More ways to help a child at Babyanne’s Mansion

You can choose to make a one time donation to give a gift to a Babyanne’s child to help make birthdays, Christmas and other occasions more special.  You can brighten their day with your hope and support.

Happy Day Gift

$ 25

One time gift*donation may include:

  • A piece of clothing
  • A toy
  • A learning material/book
  • A treat bag
*financial gift may be used to purchase a specific need a child may have at that particular time.

Celebration Gift

$ 50

One time gift*donation may include:

  • A piece of clothing
  • A toy
  • A learning material/book
  • A treat bag
  • Cake for sharing and balloons
*financial gift may be used to purchase a specific need a child may have at that particular time.

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Our staff

Tracey Wood

Tracey Wood

Executive Director

Tracey Wood is a member of F.I.S.H.E.R.S International Ministries and a supporter of Babyanne's Mansion for the last four years. She has been at the facility as a short-term missionary in January 2011. In following the leading of God in her life, Tracey moved to the Philippines on October 2015 to fill the position of Executive Director of Babyanne's Mansion: A Home For Children Inc.

Tracey's background in administration, leadership and mission work has equipped her for this task and she is excited to be part of God's work in restoring hope in the lives of children in the Philippines.

Tax deductible donations can be made through PayPal to support Tracey.

Jennifer Fresco

Jennifer Fresco

Director of Home Management & Missions

Jennifer is a one of the co-founders of F.I.S.H.E.R.S International Ministries and Babyanne's Mansion: A Home For Children Inc. She is passionate about working with children in need and has spent the last 10 years of her life living out the call of God to serve needy children in the Philippines through the building and running of Babyanne's Mansion facility.

Tax deductible donations can be made through PayPal to support Jennifer.

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Amy Carmichael

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BAM has impacted and shaped my heart and the direction of my life...

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My time at BAM has began to heal me and it showed me what God’s love is and where the root of love is from...

Jennie Stanford

On behalf of all the staff and kids at Babyanne’s, we send you our love!


The Babyanne’s Mansion Story

F.I.S.H.E.R.S. International Ministries was founded by six young women who had the desire to go back to their home country of the Philippines to share the good news of Jesus Christ to their family and friends. Their dream became a reality in May of 2002 when they went on their first mission trip to the Philippines.

These young women wanted, more than anything else, to share the saving grace of Jesus Christ to their generation and from that purpose came the name F.I.S.H.E.R.S. which stands for Faith In Sharing His Eternal Radiant Salvation.

The girls ministered to two churches.  They shared the gospel and handed out food supplies to each family that attended during their two-month mission trip. They also participated in a medical mission and held Bible studies each week. They also held a 3-day retreat for the Bible study members wherein the attendees were given the opportunity to know God. They embraced the Philippine people during visits to two orphanages where they held fun activities for the children and brought the Lord to the lives of many and changing the lives of the founders forever.

Five of the founders started conducting weekly Bible studies for young adults upon their return to Canada in 2003 and the Bible study group has been in existence ever since and continues to grow.

The visits to the Philippine orphanages touched the founders lives and the dream of having an orphanage came to life in 2004 and was named “Babyanne’s Mansion” in honor of one of the founders, Margaret “Babyanne” Ho who passed away the same year.

As of April 11, 2006, F.I.S.H.E.R.S. International Ministries is a registered non-profit charitable organization under the Income Tax Act of Revenue Canada while Babyanne’s Mansion is a registered non-profit organization in the Philippines since March 26, 2006.

Child sponsorship is a vital aspect of Babyanne’s Mansion: A Home For Children